The purpose of this project is to offer participants (students in classes 10-11 of mathematics-informatics) the opportunity of expanding their IT training by learning web programming language PHP, in a specialized company in Karlsruhe, Germany, in March 2016. The current school curriculum does not provide a highschool student with a professional training to develop web applications, consistent with a market requirements of IT and that is why participating in this project solved this need of specialized forming.

The main objective of the project is “Extending IT specialized training with a view to increasing the quality of professional training and early integration of graduates in the labor market”. The specific objectives are:

– 24 students will obtain important knowledge in PHP programming language in order to create competitive dynamic websites which will qualify them for the European labor market;

– 24 students will obtain knowledge of creating and managing a web design company so as to develop their own web design business after graduation;

– 24 students will develop their linguistic competences/language skills in order to understand IT technical language;

– 24 students will obtain cultural knowledge in order to integrate into the social reality of the host country;

– 24 students will develop transversal skills of personal and professional development by applying interactive effective team work during the internship.

Participants in the internship are 10th and 11th grade students aged between 16 and 18 years, from classes of mathematics-informatics. They were accompanied by 3 teachers. After the selection of participants, they followed a pedagogical, linguistic and cultural training, they participated in debates and workshops. During the internship, students attented 90 hours of practical applications of PHP language and created, in teams of 4 members, 6 websites. At the same time, they participated in cultural activities outside working hours. Upon their return, students created new result of the project, such as presentations, posters, published articles on the project’s blog or local press, a model of web project included in the book „Guide to PHP web programming language”, they organized and trained 35 students during the 20 hours of the Summer School for beginner programmers.

The final results are the six websites that  meet the needs of our school (DIC- Documentation and information center- data organization, organizing training materials for school exams and competitions, the organization of curricular and extracurricular activities), 24 personal portfolios of professional development, a PHP web programming guide, a CD containing practical applications created during mobility, a summer school on initiation in PHP. Another important result of the project is introduction into the school’s educational offer of a new web programming optional course, held this school year in 2 classes of 11th grade students.


The participants have developed specialized IT language and institutional networking, proven by the linguistic increased level, interdisciplinary thinking skills, efficient time management skills,individual reports,essays and their notebooks reflecting this matter.

The impact on participants during the internship: trainees created competitive software web products and developed a strong motivation for choosing a career in IT. A third of the participants have involved in developing new web projects for diferrent local companies or IT national contests, at the return from the internship. The trainees integrated easily in the european multinational space due to their cultural knowledge and relized the feeling of national identity. They involved actively in project activities, in presenting the final results, in training other students during the Summer School courses. The students shared their experience with their classmates, parents, teachers, giving a plus to the value of their lives.

Attendant teachers have participated in the training activities of the receiving company and during this school year, they teach an web programming optional to other 60 students from the school. The students’ motivation for involving in school projects and interest in IT speciality training has increased.

Through the dissemination activities, computer science teachers in Botosani were informed and motivated to initiate training projects that expand educational content of the curriculum.